We create the new era of dental units

The Olsen dental line follows modern technological concepts, ergonomic and biosafety, delivering comfort and well-being to the dentist and his patient. Focusing on quality and cost-effectiveness, the equipment is designed for day-to-day intensive use and designed with top-of-the-line raw materials.

Electrostatic painting using nanotechnology with antimicrobial properties, eliminating bacteria and other microorganisms.

It is possible to save up to 75% of energy consumption when compared to hydraulic systems.

Our equipment meets the new dental techniques that provide more comfort to the patient and the dentist, allowing the profesional to move ergonomically and respecting the privacy area of the patient.

You can use it in general practice, orthodontic, or in any specialty you practice, because our product is custom-made, so let's make it your own; Leather or PVC, traditional or continental delivery system, we have options for every part of it.


The Performance is ideal for ambulatory surgeries of different specialties, such as maxillofacial and implant dentistry.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It Trust Our Customers.

Here is a digital portfolio deliveries and installations done by us across the United States. Select a state to see pictures from Dental offices, in your area.


The commitment to innovation is part of Olsen, especially for the culture, identification and perpetuation of values ​​that are disseminated in the factory and portrayed in all products.

More than 40 years consolidated in Brazil, breaking new territory and already present in more than 100 countries. Being part of people's health and the day-to-day work of thousands of professionals around the planet makes us aware that our commitment goes beyond the production of medical and medical equipment, through partnerships and long-lasting relationships.

More than 40 years


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