Why it is the best in class

  • Automatic adjustment for seat and backrest
  • Zero position + three programmable work positions + spit position
  • Multi-articulating headrest with Press Click System
  • Emergency Position (-5o backrest tilt)
  • Acetabular articulation (Ergoflex)
  • Multifunctional foot pedal with progressive handpiece drive
  • Swivel right armrest
  • All external covers made of thermo-forming ABS (raw material)
  • Movements activated by Blue Touch® panel / foot pedal
  • Premium upholstery - optional genuine leather coat
  • Solids collector and Automatic Vapor Drain in the air system
  • Two oil-less Bosch electrical motors
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Electrical Motor Bosch

100% electronic lift system, oil-free with a Bosch engine accommodates patients with smooth and quiet motion, providing stability to the chair movement.

- Seat height adjustment.
- Recliner adjustment.
- Seat cushion angle adjustment.
- Seat cushion depth adjustment.


Size of Chair (length):
79,13 in

Seat height in relation to the floor:
- minimum 17 in
-maximum 28 in


+ Charging port for Cell Phone
+ Wheel chair accessible headrest
+ Delivery unit or Cart Options
+ LED lighting
+ Individual Hand pieces

Upholsteries options

If you want to choose sewing color you have to choose the option leather in Chooose Color 
(Vinyl or Leather)

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About Us

Cevi Med Inc. is partnering with Olsen Industry to distribute their product line here in the USA. Olsen Industry provides a product that is made with great craftsmanship.  Their slogan of "Equipment Built to Last" caught the eye of our CEO Simon Cortes. Simon knows a few things about a well built chair, or an extremely low quality chair. Having created a career out of refurbishing medical equipment, Simon knows that the industry has always lacked a well built chair at the price of a refurbished chair. Not anymore!  Now with the Olsen product line we can offer our customers a NEW  alternative.

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