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The PERFORMANCE table is ideal for ambulatory surgeries of different specialties, such as maxillofacial, orthognathic, implant dentistry and dermatology, also laser application, plastic surgeries, facial aesthetics, ophthalmic, among others. Suitable dimensions to attend special patients such as pregnant, obese and elderly people.

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Electrical Motor Bosch

100% electronic lift system, oil-free with a Bosch engine accommodates patients with smooth and quiet motion, providing stability to the chair movement.

- Seat forward/back adjustment.
- Seat height adjustment.
- Recliner adjustment.
- Seat cushion angle adjustment.
- Seat cushion depth adjustment.


Size of Chair (length): 74" to 77" headrest adjustment

Gross weight: 411 pounds (with accessories 572 pounds)


+ Adjustment of the seat height and tilt up to 30°
+ Hand or foot pedal control
+ Features chair, stretcher, Fowler and Trendelenburg positions
+ 8 Programmable work positions and Auto return button
+ Removable and adjustable armrests and headrest
+ Four (4) castors, 2 fixed and 2 swivel with locking system

Upholsteries options

If you want to choose sewing color you have to choose the option leather in Chooose Color 
(Vinyl or Leather)

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About Us

Cevi Med Inc. is partnering with Olsen Industry to distribute their product line here in the USA. Olsen Industry provides a product that is made with great craftsmanship.  Their slogan of "Equipment Built to Last" caught the eye of our CEO Simon Cortes. Simon knows a few things about a well built chair, or an extremely low quality chair. Having created a career out of refurbishing medical equipment, Simon knows that the industry has always lacked a well built chair at the price of a refurbished chair. Not anymore!  Now with the Olsen product line we can offer our customers a NEW  alternative.

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